Aircraft Management

No one solution works for all situations. WAW provides three levels of aircraft management. Each level offers customized solutions tailored for your specific needs. Our services will help ensure the efficient management of your aircraft. Our management services include:

  • Flight & Crew Support
  • Fuel Coordination
  • Human Resources Support (recruitment & payroll services)
  • Flight Coordination and Scheduling

  • Maintenance Control
  • Financial Oversight
  • 24/7 Global Flight Operations Support
  • Worldwide Supplemental Lift

Turn Key Management Services

Our Turn Key service is designed to insulate you from the details and complexities associated with operating modern turbine powered business aircraft. Turn Key solutions are designed to maximize the benefits of aircraft ownership while reducing overall expenses. We handle all administrative, scheduling, crew services, flight operations, risk management, regulatory oversight and maintenance coordination of the aircraft.  In facilitating our objectives, our Turn Key services also includes a charter revenue component which provides the highest possible return on every charter hour flown.

Charter Management

Our Charter Management Services are tailored for aircraft owners that already have an administrative infrastructure supporting their aircraft in place but are looking to reduce the cost of ownership by making the aircraft available for charter. By adding your aircraft to our FAA Air Carrier Certificate we will be able to market and sell charter hours on your aircraft.

Flight Department Support – (Part 91)

Flight Department Support services are designed to complement existing flight departments by improving efficiency. Our services include administrative support, supplemental lift solutions, and aviation consulting services.